I wrote my first poems when I was nine and eleven years old, in primary school. My first book was called Pink Polygraphia that I wrote when I was eight. I dressed up like her for Halloween that year in a pink leotard, pink cape, pink tights, and the letters PP emblazoned on my back. Get that picture in your head. Her superpower was that anything she imagined came to life in front of her. She got that superpower after investigating a fallen meteor in her neighborhood.

I’m constantly writing. I’m unpublished officially, but I hope that changes someday. This is where you’ll find a home for things I’d like to share with you.

I write poetry, nonfiction pieces, memoir style, fiction, academic thoughts, observations, and maybe manifestos.

Writing gives me roots. And journeys take me to language. Thus journeys to roots. Writing is the practice that binds the mess together.

Leave a comment, question, or response. Or contact me. I promise I’m a decent person.